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"In the world of entrepreneurship, Anaita is a force to be reckoned with."

- Women Love Tech, 2024

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Facebook Ads Video Masterclass

10-part course

This is a masterclass that you can watch and implement in your own time. This course goes through: learning about ads manager, creating all your campaigns, creating audiences, and managing your ads everyday.

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Marketing help with no ongoing charges.

An a-la-carte style anti-agency focused on project-based marketing work. Unlike traditional agencies, you only pay a fixed amount for a specific outcome. No ongoing fees - ever.

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Brand Collaborations

With an engaged online audience of over 350,000 business owners, I can help promote your latest product release, tech feature or event. I've worked with brands including Google, Adobe, HubSpot and TikTok.

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Browse a range of options where you only pay one-off costs for what you need. There are never any ongoing monthly costs. Need some business guidance? Simply book a 1-on-1 call. Need specific marketing help? Just select the one-off project you need. No ongoing fees!

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