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 SEO Optimisation.

No ongoing monthly charges. I'll optimise your website to rank higher in Google, then teach you how to monitor over time. 

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Having an SEO-optimised website is critical

The biggest advantage your business has when it comes to SEO is time. The longer your business and domain name lives for, the better you can leverage this for higher rankings in Google. This is why it's so important to have your website setup properly for SEO from the beginning. If you already have a business, then it's never too late to get your site SEO optimised and setup properly for the future. 

What you'll get:

  • On-Page SEO improvements to your¬†homepage¬†
  • On-Page SEO improvements to 5 of your best-selling product pages
  • On-page SEO improvements to 5 collections pages
  • 10 high domain authority backlinks
  • SEO audit of your website and competitor comparison
  • Content strategy for on-page content moving forward

SEO is like investing

SEO doesn't bring sales immediately. It might not bring you more sales in the next 1, 2 or even 3 months. But if done well, it will bring more traffic and sales to your website in the next 6-12 months than your paid Google Ads ever could. Having a website optimised for SEO is an investment in your business future, and also makes it harder for competitors to steal sales once you've been established for a long time.

what's the process when you

01. Step One

We'll contact you to have the right account access provided for us to review, analyse and create new ads. This includes your website, Google Search Console, and Google Analytics. If these aren't setup, we'll do it for you. We'll also send you a questionnaire requesting background information about your business, the history of  your SEO work (if available), and the goals/targets you have.

02. Step Two

We will present an initial plan of action for your SEO optimisation. This step is to make sure we're on the right track and on the same page. After a quick check-in via emails or messages, we'll move forward and complete your project. This step also includes the implementation of all Google or other tracking codes needed to run your ad account.

03. Step Three

We'll present the final solution for your SEO optimisation and give you a full rundown of what has been implemented. Once approved, we 'go live' and finalise everything for you. We will officially 'turn on' your new SEO content. We'll run our own checks to make sure everything is working perfectly.

04. Step Four

The final step is where we check in with you 1-2 weeks after launch to make sure things are running smoothly, tidy up any final questions you have, and make sure you know what's needed from your end going forward to make sure your SEO is performing well. We will then check in again in 1-2 months time to monitor your website rankings and ensure your SEO is still on track. Once your project is complete, we're still always here to handle any questions you have.

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I've used so many old-school marketing agencies I can't even keep count. No matter which agency I used, I was always in the same position during the 'contract period' where I was locked in and had to keep paying, but found I wasn't receiving the same amount of attention, value or even hours worked compared to when I first started using the agency. I was paying large sums of money every month, but not getting anywhere near the same value. This is why I started my Anti-Agency. An a-la-carte style agency focused on project-based marketing work. You only pay a fixed amount for a specific outcome. No ongoing fees - ever.

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